"The Politics of the Rhizosphere" - Rosetta S. Elkin talks to Anna Tsing about    partnering, pathogens, and profit. 

"Live Matter" - Reorienting and recognizing plants for their aliveness.

"The Prefixes of Forestation" - Questioning legacies that convert biomes from desert          to forest and from forest back to field.

"Editing Pedagogy" - Foregoing the obvious to explore the nuances, the connections,     and the materials that amalgamate across scales.

"Planting Coastal Infrastructure"  - Moving beyond restoration to dissolve the limiting dichotomy between green and grey infrastructure.

"Dryland Forests" - Desertification and the rise of defense ecology.

"Plant Life" - Rosetta S. Elkin talks to Stephannie Fell and Francisco Quintana about "plant blindness" and invites us to challenge the industrial parameters that perpetuate it.  

"Plant Life: The Practice of  'Working Together'" - How novel spatial practices can help     us shed the perception of plant fixity. 

"Index of Formation" - A plant catalogue of Mt. Auburn Cemetery.

"A Perspective on Taxonomy" - Exploring the origins of natural classification.

"Planting the Desert" - Highlighting the tension between engineering infrastructure      and cultivating healthy ecosystems.

"From Empire to Ecology" - How acknowledging plant's independent behavior can       help us untangle assumptions of the Anthropocene. 

"Retreat vs. Rebuild" - A collection of prompts and papers framing the Retreat vs.   Rebuild colloquium.

"An Impermanent Inventory" - Plant Collections for a Changing Climate.

"Wild Rice Waters" - Recovering the St. Louis River Estuary through the practice           of wild rice harvest.