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The Practice Grant aims to expand the ways we approach landscape architecture and design by funding individuals or collectives committed to alternative design practices. The grant is offered in support of creative and ambitious land-based practices*, and open to applicants eager to overcome the restrictions met by professionalization.


Applicants from all career stages who are dedicated to the field of landscape are welcome to apply. This includes but is not limited to those working in landscape architecture and design, landscape ecology, landscape planning, and landscape gardening. Applicants must indicate a description of the project in relation to a land-based practice; an accredited landscape architecture degree or professional license is not required.


Proposal due: January 24, 2022 Grantee selection: February 2022 Project completion: December 2022

The Practice Grant awards from $2,000 to $20,000 in project funding. 

*Land-based practices include any applied research that is tied to the land itself. To practice is to repeat, to do, to act. It encompasses action and embraces momentum.

Applications now open!

The Practice Grant seeks to open access and expand approaches to landscape architecture and design by funding individuals and groups committed to alternative practices. Grants are awarded to applicants working to develop land-based* practices and is offered in support of applied research and realized projects.

The Practice Grant aims to expand ... 

  • The community of landscape designers and builders by providing opportunity to  individuals and groups currently excluded from professional practice

  • The methods of how landscapes are built by investigating alternative approaches and  techniques for design, construction, and management

  • The temporal framework of landscape projects by prioritizing projects that work in synch with landscape time, in alignment with soil, air, water and plant cycles 

We believe valuable landscape practices exist outside the profession of landscape architecture. The Practice Grant was initiated to encourage these alternative forms of land-based practices by providing funding and a network of support and exchange to Grantees. The Practice Grant aims bridge the gap between applied, and often informal land-based practices and professional practice.

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Practice Grant Application

Our primary selection criteria include a demonstration of feasibility, a clear method or practice, a committed client or partner, and an available project site. We are looking for applied research and design ideas that are ready to go and need additional funding to be realized. 

One of primary objectives of the Practice Grant is to develop a more expansive and inclusive community of landscape designers, cultivators and builders through this opportunity to fund work by individuals and groups currently outside of conventional professional practice. With this is mind, please reach out with any questions; we are happy to discuss your application and are open to considering substitutions to application requirements. We provide support through all phases, including the application.

To apply please download the application form below and submit all documents to

Practice Grant Application

Practice Grant Application


If you are interested in supporting the Practice Grant please consider donating. 

If you are interested in supporting the Practice Grant please consider donating. 

The Practice Grant is an initiative of the Practice Foundation and is a tax-exempt 501(c)(3). 

EIN: 85-4128040