Adaptation strategy and design for a changing Captiva.

Adaptation strategy and design for changing Captiva.

Adaptation strategy and design for a changing Captiva.


Practice Landscape is working in collaboration with WXY Architects and EDD hydrologists to refine the long-term adaptation strategy for the Robert Rauschenberg estate and residence on Captiva Island, Florida. Captiva is a barrier island that has been slowly concretized and leveled through settlement, which raises important questions of how mobile, itinerant landscapes can provoke a dialogue between fixed development and augmented risk. The challenge is found in differing responses to climate transformation.

Working with the Robert Rauschenberg Foundation, the rse team is currently providing a cohesive island-wide analysis that elucidates the temporal aspects of the barrier condition, including the progressive layers of human settlement which will help to contextualize our current role as agents of environmental change. The final landscape strategy is a living document that is defined by the site boundaries but takes the broader influences into account. Thus, the landscape strategy replaces the fixity of a masterplan by providing scenarios that vary over time and prioritize the particular dynamics caught between the cultural and ecological landscape.

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